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Travel Diary | Disneyland Paris

Hi Guys!

As some of you may know, myself and Ryan have spent the last couple of days in Disneyland Paris! We booked our trip in November 2016 for a 4 night, 5 day stay from Sunday 15th – Thursday 19th January staying in the Disney hotel, Sequoia Lodge.

We decided to get the Euro Star from London into Disney (well when I say ‘we’ I mean ‘I’ as I hate flying, so seeing as there is a perfectly good train I can get instead, flying wasn’t an option!). The Euro Star departed from London St Pancras at 8:58 AM and check in closed 30 minutes before the departure – But silly me, didn’t realise that it being a Sunday meant there wouldn’t be any trains running from my home town into London at that time of the morning 🙁 So Ryan being the lovely boyfriend that he is said he would drive us to a train station much closer to London, so we was able to get a train directly into Kings Cross. We woke up at 3:45 AM, left our house by 4:45 AM and arrived at Potters Bar Train Station around 6:30 AM. By the time we got into London Kings Cross and had some breakfast, we was soon well on our way!

Unfortunately there isn’t a direct train from London St Pancras into Disney during the months of January or February so we had an indirect train that stopped at Lille. We had an hour and a half wait in Lille before the Disney train arrived so we left the train station and had a little look around. Seeing as its the first time Ryan’s ever left the United Kingdom, and my first time in France we can both say we were pretty excited!

We arrived in Disney around 3pm and as there are free shuttle buses that run every 12 minutes from the train station to the different Disney hotels, we was soon all checked in and ready to visit the park! (If you’re planning on staying at Sequoia Lodge, its not even a 10 minute walk from the hotel into the parks). The first thing that we did was head straight to a shop in the Disney Village so I could buy myself some Minnie Mouse Ears, there was a range of different ones to choose from but obviously I would pick the glittery ones! If I can remember rightly these were 16 Euros.


We made our way into the Disney Park and it was so magical seeing the castle! It started to snow really heavily though, it was that bad that we couldn’t actually do anything so we walked back to our hotel (absolutely drenched may I add), had some tea in Hunters Grill and then off to bed we went – Our hotel room was really lovely, but neither of us was a fan of Hunters Grill, definitely wouldn’t have paid 34 Euros if we wasn’t half board.

As we was staying in a Disney Hotel we got Extra Magic Hours, which means we was allowed in the park from 8AM – 10AM before the park actually opened for non Disneyland hotel guests. So on Monday morning we made the most of this and arrived in the park around 8:30 AM after having some breakfast. The weather was around -2 degrees, but as soon as we entered the park we saw Minnie and Mickey doing a meet and greet, so obviously we stood in line for around an hour and a half waiting to get a picture.


We then went onto meet Donald Duck, The Queen of Hearts, Pinocchio and the Toy Maker, and Chip and Dale. All the interactions with the characters were amazing! Following on from this we waited for Anna and Elsa on Main Street for the Frozen Sing Along, and then went onto see Jafar, before heading back to Main Street for the parade.


At 7PM when the park was due to close, we found a spot on Main Street and waited for Dreams! I think Dreams was actually one of my favourite moments of trip – Disney films being projected onto the Disney Castle with water fountains and fireworks! What more could anyone want!


We was in the park again on Tuesday for EMH – We ended up on the Buzz Light-Year ride 3 times (the photography on the ride wasn’t working which was a shame) and we then headed across to the Princess Pavilion to see Snow White,  we also saw Princess Aurora the following day in the pavilion aswell. I was absolutely gutted that there wasn’t any meet and greets with Princess Jasmine or Aladdin, because they’re both my favourite! I looked for them everywhere, but they wasn’t in any of the programmes to be scheduled either!


Seeing as we hadn’t been over to the Studios yet, we made our way over and headed onto Armageddon firstly, before making our way through Toy Story Land. One of my favourite parts of the Studios is the Ratatouille area, even though I’d never watched the film this section of the Studios was just incredible and the attention to detail was amazing. We went on the Ratatouille ride twice and its easily become one of my favourite rides in the park! (I can say I’ve now watched the film and love it!)


All day in the Studios Ryan begged me to go on The Tower of Terror and the Rock n Roller Coaster – Both on which I didn’t want to go on. I’d been on the Rock n Roller Coaster when I went to Disney Florida back in 2010 and I wasn’t much of a fan, but Ryan dragged me on after lots of persuading! I don’t particularly like roller coasters and can honestly say I wouldn’t go on it again, I came off feeling sick! The Tower of Terror on the other hand was amazing! There’s quite a big build up before actually getting onto the ride, and I was so nervous. But the ride itself is so much fun, that we actually went on it twice!
I only have Ryan to thank for dragging me on that one haha!

On our third day we travelled into Paris city centre. We caught the train from Disney into central Paris which took around 40 minutes. We brought an Mobilis card, which enabled us to travel around the whole of Paris on the trains, for the both of us it cost 36.60 Euros which we thought was pretty good. We started by seeing the Arc De Triomphe, followed by the Eiffel Tower and then Notre Dame. I would have loved to see The Louvre but because of how cold it was (it was around -8 degrees that day) we didn’t spend long in Paris and unfortunately didn’t get to see everything we wanted. We both want to go back to Paris, but next time instead of getting the Mobilis Card I would quite like to do the Hop On – Hop Off Bus Tour, especially if its a warm-ish day.


Our final day in Disney meant we had to be checked out of our hotel by 11AM. We decided to skip breakfast, check out by 9:30 AM and head into the Disney Parks before our train back to Lille at 3:58 PM. Luckily we was able to leave our bags for free at our hotel while was in the parks. We managed to take last minute pictures in both of the parks, and get all of our shopping done, before we headed back to Sequoia Lodge to grab our bags and make our way to the train station. Our train from Disney to Lille was delayed by 30 minutes which wouldn’t have been to bad, but that only gave us 5 minutes to get off the train, go through customs and find our seats on the Eurostar. We waited by the train doors  about 15 minutes before its arrival so we was the first off the train. With a little bit of running we managed to get on the Eurostar with minutes to spare!

I was sad to be leaving but we was both so tired and in pain with our feet, we’d done so much walking! All the excitement had tired us both out, but I was really looking forward to getting home and giving our families the gifts we’d bought them. I would recommend Disneyland Paris to anyone, it’s so magical and there is something there for everyone!


Some top tips that I would advise anyone that’s booked a trip/thinking of going to Disneyland Paris;
1. Take travel squash bottles so you can add it to bottles of water that you can fill around the park, the parks don’t sell squash so if you don’t particularly like water this is perfect
2. Following on from number 1, take snack packs. The good thing about travelling by Eurostar is that there isn’t any restrictions on taking food and drink with you, you can take as much as you like! Take the snack packs with you around the parks otherwise you’ll end up spending a fortune
3. Buy yourself a Photo Pass – Its cheaper to add this to your booking before you go instead of buying it when you get there. We paid 60 Euros when we got there, but its definitely worth it. All of the pictures that you get on the rides/meet and greets are put on a card, and you can get download the pictures straight onto your phone/laptop

Some of our photo pass photos include..

4.  If your desperate to go to a particular restaurant for food book before you go as places get booked up months in advance. I racked up a £75 phone bill trying to get through to France to book my meals, so if you’d rather go with the flow just book when you get to your hotel. You can do this at the concierge or from the hotel phone in your room
5. If you’re from the United Kingdom, join the Facebook page ‘Disneyland Paris For Brits’. You can ask anything on this group and somebody will be able to give you the answer! It was a life saver for me and its lovely to be able to read about other peoples trips 🙂

If anyone has any other questions I’m more than welcome to answer them! There’s so much I could talk about and we have so many pictures – But it can be quite confusing if you’ve never been as there’s so much to take in. But I hope everyone’s enjoyed reading this weeks post!

Love, Kirsty x

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  • Reply alannatalks

    Aaaaah disney!!! We’re going in December so I’m going to save this and read back through closer to our trip x

    October 18, 2017 at 1:23 pm
    • Reply justkirstymaynard

      Omg really!! I want to go back SO bad! I’m so jealous you’ll have such a fab time at Christmas, I bet the decorations will be amazing!! You’ll have to write a post about it when you return!! 😊✨ xx

      October 18, 2017 at 2:48 pm
  • Reply Rachael Hancox

    Looks so amazing. Definitely need to visit some time soon 😀😀 love the pictures 💕

    January 25, 2018 at 9:59 pm
  • Reply ohheyitsgrace

    Great post and shots, I met Maleficent & Queen of Hearts when I went back in October! What was the highlight? 💕

    January 30, 2018 at 8:14 pm
    • Reply justkirstymaynard

      Aw thankyou! The Queen of Hearts was amazing when I met her, I actually think she was one of my highlights! I also loved meeting Mickey and Minnie! x

      February 5, 2018 at 11:25 pm

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